A woman marries the love of her life, she waits until marriage to lose her virginity and after two years of marriage the two decide to have a baby. A year after the baby is born the woman becomes ill. She is hospitalized and doctors run a series of test, only to find out the woman is HIV positive. How In The HEALTH Does That Happen? The woman has never cheated on her husband and is not a substance abuser who shares needles. Her husband reveals that he cheated on her and was unaware that he contracted the disease from his one night stand. He showed no signs of symptoms. It only takes one act of unprotected sex. HIV/AIDS does not have “a look”, it is not a “gay disease” neither is it a “crackhead disease”. The reality is, we are all at risk for contracting the disease; however, there are several factors that could increase the probability of contracting the disease.

HIV Basics – CDC


  • Have multiple sex partners?
  • Having sex with someone who has multiple sex partners?
  • Have unprotected sex?
  • Practice anal sex often?
  • Contracted any STDs/STIs lately?
  • Share needles?
  • Think birth control protects you from STDs/STIs?
  • Are you a sexually active man with an uncircumcised penis, or are you having sex with a man who has an uncircumcised penis?

Metro Atlanta consistently ranks in the top 10 for new HIV infections and nearly 75% of new diagnoses are among African Americans.

“Despite Atlanta being a city that is leading the way with African American businesses, philanthropy, entertainment and politics, there is one aspect that is tearing the city down: its HIV rate. It’s gotten so bad that it is a public health emergency.”

While it is not the most desirable conversation, do NOT be afraid to ask your sex partner(s) his/her status. If you have multiple sex partners, get tested regularly.

Advances in medicine have produced the following prevention medications.




Life Doesn’t End After Your Diagnosis…

If you have been diagnosed with HIV, know that there are support groups and treatment options. I love you and billions of other people love you too!

I’d like to share the story of a long-time friend who I adore. We met during my modeling days years ago and we are still in touch. Zac is brave to share his story and I stand with him in drawing awareness towards this epidemic.

“My name is Isaac Love Riley Jr., I go by Zac Love and I have been living with HIV since 2015. When I first found out about my diagnosis I was devastated. I went to the doctor because my lymph nodes were swollen and I thought I had a sinus infection, the doctor asked me did I want to do bloodwork – me not knowing about my diagnosis I said sure why not. So two days went by and I got a phone call from the doctor for me to come into the office and that’s when I found out I had HIV. I choose to share my story and uplift people and spread awareness.”
Photographer: Unknown

Myths and Rumors About HIV and AIDS

  • You cannot get HIV by hugging or kissing someone who is HIV positive.
  • HIV cannot be cured by herbal medicines.
  • HIV and AIDS do not only affect homosexual people, black people or those who abuse drugs.

Join local organizations as they commemorate WORLD AIDS DAY.

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  1. Mikki Ibarrondo says:

    Knowing the history of your partner (s) is vital. Its uncomfortable for some to discuss, but necessary in order for you both to have a healthy sex life. This also lays the foundation of future important conversations regarding the relationship. Stand in your truth and never allow someone to dictate what your health status should be.

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    1. Edwina says:

      I absolutely agree, great statement. Thank you for sharing Mrs. Ibarrondo!


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