I Do Whatever The HEALTH I Want To Do!

My close friends and I often have discussions about how free-spirited I am. I live life unapologetically, with few restraints. How in the HEALTH does that happen? Whether it’s sitting in solitude or being a socialite, I do what liberates my soul! I am a firm believer in being true to myself, reducing stress and creating a healthy work-life balance. There were times in my life when I lived based on other’s expectations of me, and I never want to live in that space again. There is so much beauty in creating your own identity. I am still on my quest; however, living in this peaceful space has strengthen my spirit, influenced a level of forgiveness that I never thought I would possess, and helps me to view each day as the greatest opportunity to walk in purpose and live out my passion.

Being a mother to an active kid, working full-time, being active in my community through engagement, volunteerism and mentoring, while building my brand can present its challenges. However, making time to do things that puts me at a “zen” state is a top priority. I love hearing people talk about how my level of freedom and self-awareness has inspired them to live life more intentionally. Live in your truth, be authentic and vulnerable; literally dance to the beat of your own drum. Do whatever the HEALTH you want to do (unless it’s illegal, don’t do anything that could result in jail time – please and thank you)!



One of my close friends, Girl Boss Yasmin Watts shares her recent revelation on living life intentionally.

Girl Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

I once read a quote that said: “the Universe can only be as good to you as you are to yourself.” Whoa….. talk about deep. My friends and I talk constantly about living a purposeful life and with intention. [Several] months ago we got together, about 20 females, for a “Bikes and Brunch” to celebrate my birthday and they were intentional in making sure I “lived in the moment” and enjoyed myself. That meant staying off my phone (which my boyfriend mentions quite often), escaping social media and for about 3 hours not worrying about anything other than what was happening inthe moment.

I needed this, and I needed all of their “good intentions”. As a mompreneur, I am constantly living life on the go. Trying to find a balance between my 9 to 5, running two businesses, having a 9-year-old son, giving attention to my relationship, my son, family, and friends. Geesh, even with all that I failed to mention time for me.

This past December, I was completely adamant about giving myself a break. I realized that I was giving so much of myself to others and that I truly had nothing left for me. I felt myself on the edge of a mental breakdown and for the first time, I was completely mentally and physically drained. I knew that if I did not give myself time to breathe and recharge I would break at any given moment. That by far was one of the hardest decisions to make, yet one of the most much-neededbreaks I’ve ever had to take and I’m so grateful that I did.

My friend has a personal health and wellness blog called “How in The Health Did That Happen?” And the more I read her articles and posts the more I’ve truly gotten in tune with what living life intentionally and on purpose means “for me.”

I recently sent my friends a message asking them to send me 2 things about me that inspires then and 1 thing they saw as a friend I can improve upon. The responses by far were graciously received and why I’m always grateful to have such an amazing group of friends. It is an honor to know that me, little ole’ me can be such an inspiration to my friends, to know that they feel I am genuinely supportive, as I will always continue to be and that I am selfless and I have a pure heart. On the flip side, they helped me to come to reality with what I already knew and to face it head-on… I often sacrifice my happiness for others and it is time for me to get selfish.

So we are officially [162] days into the new year and I can finally say for the first time ever I’m learning slowly, but surely how to get back to me. I’m really big on “manifestation” and I started writing down the things in which I want to manifest. I stopped expecting things to happen and I’m learning to not focus on it and allow God’s timing to work. I have also devoted time daily to reading my devotion, listening to my inspirational music, speaking positive affirmations and protecting my peace. In layman terms I’m practicing self-love, I’m working on me. Giving more of myself to me so that I can give the best of me. In the same token, I am also working on not stretching myself to thin, I am happy with the direction in which my life is going. For the first time in a LONG time, I believe that everything I am manifesting and everything I am hoping and believing to come true, will. I had to get back to me and I had to face reality with a few things, but I finally feel that the universe is aligning and things will begin to fall into place.


Yasmin Watts

CLICK HERE to listen to Yasmin’s recent guest feature on The Beauty Suite Podcast with Jennifer J.

Excessive stress can lead to chronic illnesses and weaken the immune system. I like to link physical and mental health in my discussions. I can personally attest to how stress has caused illness within my body. I encourage total wellness.

CLICK HERE to view tips on creating Work Life Balance.

I had the pleasure of recently attending a Blk Hlth event, where there was engaging conversation about stress. I absolutely loved the platform and enjoyed connecting with fellow public health professionals! The topic of stress was addressed by community members and a panel of therapists, to include Dr. Ayanna Abrams. The therapists provided some valuable information on how stress effects the black community. They also provided insight on eustress and distress.


  • Positive
  • Improves Performances
  • Short-term
  • Coping Mechanism


  • Depletes Energy
  • Unpleasant
  • Decreases Overall Performance
  • Can Lead to Physical Illness, Emotional Depletion, Mental Fatigue

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✨ Live Life Intentionally ✨

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  1. Vee Gee says:

    Great read. I believe that writing things down, specifically goals and keeping a schedule, is so important to attain balance. It is ok to take a mental health day when needed to simply decompress and recharge for the next day. Thank you for sharing with us.


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