The Women EmpowHERment  movement is one that encourages women of all races, ethnicities, social economic status, and professions to utilize the power of networking to enhance their brand. There is no need to be in competition with the next woman, there is literally room at the table for all us to excel! 

Women EmpowerHERment – powerful phrase coined by Yasmin Watts: CEO and Founder of Yasmin Watts Photography and Issa Wrap Inspired Collection .

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Altruism Exemplified – we spent a Saturday morning volunteering our time to an underserved community in Decatur. A special thanks to Erica Walker and Family, Shavon Sawyer and Family, as well as Yasmin Watts and Family.

We will continue our efforts quarterly and would love to have you join us. Please contact us if you are interested in being part of our service projects.